The secret to quickly refinancing your loan!

  While you are doing your bank administration on a rainy Sunday morning, you see that a lot of money disappears from your current account every month. You take the time to find out where that goes. Water & electricity, internet, telephone and cable television. And of course the home loan, but you also have a nice house […]

So you can borrow money immediately, if it is really urgent!

An unexpected vacation that pops up out of the blue, your freezer that gives it up, new furniture for your home … there are a thousand and one reasons why you suddenly need money. There are different types of loans that can help you out, with advantages and disadvantages. Borrowing always costs money but borrowing money directly […]

Why you can also borrow cheaply as a single person!

  Receiving a loan as a single person depends on certain factors. For example, it is quite a difference whether you want to buy a new washing machine or an entire apartment. A loan for a washing machine is cleared quickly; not many questions are asked to get that done. A home is another story, but certainly possible, especially […]