Benefits Of Using Matcha Powder

Matcha offers a lot of benefits to it users. This may range from health benefits to recreational uses. You must first note that this powder is rich in antioxidants, which get rid of toxic substances from our bodies. Toxic substances are responsible for depression and stress that we have on a day to day basis. A bowl of this tea will leave your skin radiant and glowing in a healthy manner. It has been said to produce about five times as many antioxidants it can compared to other green plants.

Relieves depression

Green tea is the best stimulant to try out. Some individuals would prefer using Sweet cannabis seeds but Matcha comes highly recommended. A great stimulant must have Theanine. This organic compound is found in Green tea hence an added advantage. Theanine is responsible for minimizing physical and mental stress among depressed individuals. There has been no known cure for depression except therapy. Therefore, Matcha offers some of the best anti-depression results so far. What’s more is that Theanine is used to relieve anxiety, blood pressure and in some cases mood swings in aggrieved persons. Very few people would not want love to live with angry persons. This is why Matcha intervenes to help persons manage anger. Nervous individuals will also find Green tea worthwhile. In Japan for instance, Zen Buddhists used green tea to relax and meditate as previously stated.


Matcha is super rich in caffeine. This high level of caffeine exceeds the caffeine content found in regular coffee. Frequent intake of powdered tea may render you a caffeine addict. Caffeine bears both positive and negative impacts on the user. One, it reduces exhaustion levels. Therefore, if you take a bowl of Matcha there is a high chance that you will be in a relaxed and good mood. Caffeine also prevents sleepiness among working individuals.


Green tea has Catechins. These are organic compounds that are responsible for fighting cancer. Doctors have therefore seized this opportunity to advise their patients suffering from the illess to try this product. It is important to note that Catechins are super rich in AGCs which in full stands for epigallocatechin gallate.

Improved memory and awareness

Among other organic compounds green tea has is L-Theanine. This compound boosts memory and awareness. Memory can also be enhanced by eating foods such as fish, but drinking Matcha is the best way to boost your memory so you avoid suffering from memory lapse. Similarly powdered tea enhances one’s energy levels. This means good and pure energy free from toxic substances.

Weight loss

Green tea works best for weight loss efforts. It provides a good way for burning calories. Studies reveal that Matcha tea helps to hasten metabolism, hence your body will burn fat in a short time.

General well-being

Matcha has large amounts of Vitamin A and C, Calcium, proteins and potassium which are essential nutrients in the wellbeing of the human body.

Other benefits

Women have been urged to use Matcha regularly. It enhances their facial appearance as well as boosting their life longevity.


Two teaspoons per day are ideal green tea prescriptions for your health. From the above information, it’s clear that Matcha powdered tea has endless benefits.