Is Caffeine linked to Migraine?

A headache is a common condition among many people and it could vary from mild to severe cases. There are different factors which can trigger it but the good news is that there is a solution out there that can keep it at bay. A migraine caused by consuming certain beverages that do contain caffeine has been a big debate for years now. Why? Some people do believe that using beverages with the stimulant can either trigger a headache or take it away. Before you can even think of the right way to go, it will be good to have a look on some of the products where the stimulant can be found.

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Products that Contains the Substance

There is that misconception among many people that this stimulant is only found in tea and coffee alone but that’s actually not true. The element can also be found in chocolates and specific drugs that can be bought over the counter. If you have an issue with its use, it will be important to read clearly the label of whatever you are eating or drinking to find about its existence before you start complaining of a migraine.

Does the Stimulate Cause Headache?

When you are used to any product, the moment you quit its use will lead to some side effects. There are lots of people who love to enjoy caffeine beverages and when they can’t get them for a day or two; there will be some changes in their life or body rather. One of them which will be exhibited will be in form of a migraine. It’s just like the same scenario that occurs after drug withdrawal symptom. Taking a cup of tea or coffee once again after experiencing the headache will see it gone away maybe after an hour.

How Can the Stimulant Cure Headache?

In normal persons, one may not experience any kind of a headache when the blood vessels have enlarged. A headache will only occur when these vessels have constricted as blood flow is hindered. How then can consuming a product with this stimulant cure migraine? Well, this stimulant has been proven to have the vasoconstrictive property which means that when consumed, they will cause the blood vessels to enlarge once more hence avoiding cases of a migraine. The moment the blood vessels stop being constricted, the flow of blood will be normal hence one will not endure any ache on the head. It’s no wonder why some painkillers such as aspirin will have the element as one of its main ingredients.

What to Do When it’s Use Triggers Migraine

As briefly mentioned above, you will realize that people do experience differently after using drinks that contain the stimulant. When you are used to the stimulant and it still causes a migraine yet you have been prescribed to some drugs, it will be a good idea to reduce the frequency of its use. It’s better to follow the use of painkillers to treat a migraine rather than believing that the later alone can cure. There are some people who can never quit drinking the beverage despite the fact that it causes the condition. For those who are lucky to drink it without any side effect, then they should continue to enjoy it. All that they need to learn is that it can only cure their headache after abruptly shunning from them.

Your body can never adjust instantly and that’s why you need to give it enough time whenever you want to quit something. When blood vessels dilate, the headache can be the order of the day and that’s why you need to understand that when you quit your favorite beverage, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Just take a time to adjust naturally or else drink the beverage to relief yourself from the pain. A withdrawal headache may last for a week or two which is not bad for a wise person as he/she can wait. You can also argue that it can indeed cure a headache especially when you take a cup or two of coffee/tea after a busy day’s work.

The last but not the least is that most doctors recommend that whenever you have the migraine and you must drink it; then combine it with medication and it will do wonders to your body. The type of pain killers you are using can also influence what step to take.